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A VK (V Kontakte) group dedicated to Buryat national literature, art, and culture in general. The group shares digitized works of Buryat writers and artists, and their biographic information.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares Soviet-era documents, TV programs, movies, photographs, and publications about Buryatia.
Publications of the National Archive of Khakassia, among which some document collections are freely downloadable.
Document collection dedicated to the history of Orthodox Old Believers in the Baikal region. maya/История Эгитуйского дацана сжатый-1.jpg
Document collection on the history of Egituyskiy Datsan, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Buryatia, from the Russian imperial till the early Soviet periods. maya/суперобложка.jpg
Document collection that contains documents and photographs related to the establishment and development of the Buryat ASSR, and post-war socialist construction in the republic. maya/Рисунок1.png
Topics include the Great Patriotic War, Buriat national culture, religion, and nationalities questions.
Online database that contains numerous digital copies of Soviet periodical publications.
Digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Buryatia, containing many digitized local publications of the Soviet period. Notably, it has a lot of publications and manuscripts in Buryat.
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