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Digital repository of photographs documenting the development of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as prominent scholars from Novosibirsk.
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Document collection on the Russian Civil War in Siberia, published by the State Archival Administration of the Novosibirsk Oblast and the State Archive of Novosibirsk Oblast.
Digital version of a 3-volume document collection on dekulakization in Siberia, published by the State Archive of Novosibirsk Oblast.
Document collection dedicated to Soviet artwork during the Great Patriotic War, published by the State Archival Administration of Novosibirsk Oblast.
Historical materials on the history of the Novosibirsk Division of the Russian State Public Scientific-Technical Library.
Online exhibition dedicated to the Russian Civil War in Siberia.
Digital archive of the Soviet newspaper "Za nauku v Sibiri"
PDF version of a 4-volume document collection on intelligentsia in Soviet Siberia.
Document collection on the deportation of Kalmyks to Siberia during and after the Second World War.
Electronic archive of Novosibirsk Oblast archive. It contains photographs of aspects of economic and social life in Novosibirsk and a number of maps of the region, as well as a few other documents on the Soviet period.
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Digital library that contains a great number of digital copies of publications on the history, culture, people, traditions, and everyday life of Novosibirsk Oblast and Siberia in general.
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A well-designed digital library based on extensive archival documents from the State Archive of Novosibirsk Oblast. The digital library is divided into several sections, including digital exhibitions, online document collections, digital collections, online periodicals, etc. It would be a very…
A list of prominent scholars, cultural figures, and statesmen of Novosibirsk and of Russia in general. Though some of the pages include partial or full-text documents ("polnotekstovyie dokumenty), the primary use of this site is as a bibliographic resource. It gives a very clear and detailed idea of…
Online newspaper collections published by the State Archival Service of Novosibirsk Oblast.
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