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A huge database of victims of Soviet political repressions developed by the International Memorial.
Online database developed by the International Memorial, providing information about the personnel of the Soviet NKVD during 1935 and 1939.
The Chronicle of Current Events is a type-written, informational bulletin of Soviet human rights activists, published from 1968 to 1983. This website provides online transcripts of the content of the bulletin.
Online archive of interviews with former Ostarbeiters, prisoners of war, and prisoners of German camps and a publication site for materials related to this topic.
Digitized lists of persons who were repressed under Stalin.
Photograph collections of the International Memorial on Soviet political repressions and civil activism.
Three online available document collections published by the International Memorial on Soviet-era political repressions and ostarbeiters.
Digital archive of memoirs, diaries, and personal correspondence on Soviet political repressions from the fonds of the International Memorial. Most of these documents were not published. You can use thematic, geographical, and institutional indicators to search for relevant materials on this…
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