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The collection includes works by employees of the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the history of the region and various scientific areas of Finno-Ugric studies (linguistics, literary criticism, folklore, history, art…
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Digital project on the literary life of Tomsk Oblast. It provides information about Tomsk writers and relevant bibliophiles.
Digital exhibits from the Museum-Exhibit Union "Manezh".
Digital exhibits from the A. Solzhenitsyn Museum of Russian Emigration
Digital exhibits from the Sergei Andriyaka Watercolor Painting School.
Digital exhibits from the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.
Digital exhibits from the "Kuskovo" Museum.
Digital exhibits from the Museum-Preserve Tsaritsyno.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Moscow.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Fashion.
Digital exhibits from the Zelenograd Museum.
Digital exhibits from the Memorial Museum of Astronautics.
Digital exhibits from the State Museum of the Defense of Moscow.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Kuz'minki-Liublino.
Digital exhibits from the Aleksandr Shilov Gallery.
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Online document collections published by the State Archive in Irbit.
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Digital exhibits of the Russian National Museum of Music.
A huge digital library of the Library of Congress, containing many files from Russia and the former Soviet Union, including books, periodicals, photographs, paintings, maps, etc.
Online exhibitions of archival documents from the State Archive of Kemerovo Oblast. Topics include nationalities, local intellectuals, scientific and cultural development, etc.
Online exhibitions of archival documents from the State Archive of the Volgograd Oblast, covering a variety of topics in Soviet history.виртуальные/trudovoy//2.jpg
Online exhibitions and digitized document collections published by the State Archive of Contemporary History of the Chuvash Republic.
Virtual exhibitions of rare books, manuscripts, maps, and other published and unpublished materials from the Russian National Library.
This is a site linking to multiple digitized collections of resources that include Eastern European/Russian materials. Most of these collections are pan-European, and some of them are cited elsewhere in this guide.
Digital archive of documents and materials on Karelian culture.
Digital collection of exhibits of the Museum of Jewish History in Russia.
Photographs, manuscripts, paintings, and biographic information of Nikolai Gumilev. Published works, including Gumiliev's memoirs and others' memoirs about him, can also be found under the "biografiia i vospominaniia" tab on the left.
A site with archival exhibitions of the State Archive of Bryansk Oblast, including photographs, official documents, etc.
A site with postcards and photographs from old Samara, including from the early Soviet period.
A digital project with photographs and documents about Crimea and its role as part of the Russian Empire/ USSR.
A collection of audio clips with the voices of Russian and Soviet literary and cultural figures from the late 19th and 20th centuries exhibited by the Russian State Archive of Phono Documents.
A site with demographic and ethnographic records and maps of both North and South Caucasus.
Website devoted to the history of Azerbaijan. It includes numerous documents (orders, congress proceedings, reports, notes, etc.) on the subject, as well as some images of Soviet-era currency.
Digital collections on the site of the A. S. Pushkin State Fine Arts Museum. They contain images of art from Russia and Western Europe during various historical periods, but can be filtered by country and/or date of creation to find Soviet art.
A VK page devoted to various historical sources. It contains a motley group of sources on various topics in Russian history (each post is on a separate theme) and is mostly made up of the posts of "student-istorik," an account for humor and educational resources created by students of the Moscow…
Collection of online exhibits on various aspects of economic, cultural, and social life in the Samara oblast, as well as the scientific/technological achievements of the region.
Collection of archival documents on various topics in Soviet history.
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The official website of the State Archive of the Altai Krai, which provides free access to numerous digitized archival materials from the archive.
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Primary source documents on 20th-century wars.
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Russian-language memoirs on wars in the 20th century.
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Digital library of the Udmurt Republic, containing tens of thousands of digital copies of various publications from several local libraries and organizations.
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National Electronic Library of Russia, containing tons of digitized books. maps, musical scores, periodicals, and other types of materials. It can also be used as a unified bibliographic system for identifying and locating published materials in Russia.
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A digital library containing publications on and from the Don region, including books and periodicals.
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Electronic library of the V. Ia. Shishkov Altai Krai Universal Scientific Library. It contains numerous resources (books, archival documents, maps, etc.) on the local history of Altai Krai, as well as collections of local newspapers.
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Digital archive containing 20th-Century US legal documents on American diplomacy. You can find many documents on Soviet-US relations here.
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