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A site collecting Soviet and Russian films. This site links to numerous free sites with Russian/Soviet films that can be watched online, sometimes with subtitles in English and a variety of other global languages.
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Huge digital archive containing extensive archival documents from all over the world.
Full-text databases of the scientific library of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. Here you can find digital copies of many Soviet Kazakhstani academic publications.
Digital archive of United Nations documents, where one can find many historical files related to the Soviet Union.
A huge digital library dedicated to Turkic-related topics. The website has four versions in Arabic, Turkish, English, and Uyghur, and each version presents books and periodicals in its respective language. One can find plentiful interesting publications on Muslims and Islam in Central Asia and the…
A huge digital library dedicated to Marxism around the world.
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