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A few digital archival projects developed by various Russian archival institutions.
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Online exhibitions of the Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive, including many photograph collections covering different topics, ranging from the building of the Soviet Red Army, Great Patriotic War, and USSR's foreign relations, to everyday life in the USSR.
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Several downloadable document collections published by the Foreign Ministry Archive of Russia.
A digital project with photographs and documents about Crimea and its role as part of the Russian Empire/ USSR.Мост-через-Керченский-пролив-во-времена-СССР.jpeg
A digital collection of archival documents about the bridge over the Kerch strait which separates Krasnodar Krai from the Crimea.
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National Electronic Library of Russia, containing tons of digitized books. maps, musical scores, periodicals, and other types of materials. It can also be used as a unified bibliographic system for identifying and locating published materials in Russia.
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Digital library that provides open access to thousands of Soviet academic publications related to science and technology.
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