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A digital project that presents more than 1000 archival records of the 19th-20th centuries about Germans living in Georgia and Transcaucasia.
Three downloadable document collections on Soviet-era deportations to Kazakhstan from 1930 to 1945, published by the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. More digital publications may be added to this section in the future.
A site created by Russian enthusiast of Volga German history Alexander Spak containing detailed information on the history of Volga German settlements until 1941, when the mass deportation of Soviet Germans to Siberia and Central Asia began amid the Nazi German invasion of the U.S.S.R., and on the…
A module on the website of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education that contains information on the history of German-speaking populations in Russia (and the Soviet Union more broadly) during the 20th century. A section of this module contains primary source documents from the post-World War…
A digital project, mostly for educational purposes, where a new primary document pertaining to the history of Germans in Russia is posted each month.
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Digital library that contains a great number of digital copies of publications on the history, culture, people, traditions, and everyday life of Novosibirsk Oblast and Siberia in general.
A database of information about editions of classic Soviet samizdat, 1956-1986. The Database includes approximately 300 titles, representing all known types of samizdat periodical editions from this late Soviet era, including human rights bulletins, poetry anthologies, rock zines, religious and…
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