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The VK page of a digital scholarly-educational project of the same name, dedicated to Russian and Soviet history, as well as world history. On the VK wall the project team shares various kinds of primary source materials on Soviet history.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that often shares primary source materials (mostly archival documents) on Lenin and Leninism, as well as secondary literature on Soviet political history.
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A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares digitized Soviet Marxist literature in different languages of Soviet nationalities.
Digital archive of Foreign Affairs editions from 1922 till today, including many articles related to the Soviet Union.
Online library of the Russian Federal Archival Agency that provides downloadable PDFs of several document collections.
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Open-access archival documents on Stalinist Great Terror.
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A digital collection of photographs, posters, political cartoons, art, etc. about Joseph Stalin on the site of the University of Pittsburgh Library System.
Digital collection of various materials (books, memoirs, samizdat, fictions) on the Soviet Union from an anti-Soviet perspective.
A few digital archival projects developed by various Russian archival institutions.
Bulletin of the Opposition (Bolshevik-Leninists) was a Russian-language journal (printed in Cyrillic characters) launched by Leon Trotsky in July 1929 after his expulsion from the USSR. It was the printed organ of the Russian section of the Fourth International and a weapon of Trotsky in his…
A 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War commemorative exhibit about the building of the coalition between Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt during the Second World War. It contains photographs, official documents, correspondence, etc. about the formation of this alliance.
A large informal website with numerous categories of interest. For instance, of interest are the sections "dokumenty" (under "materialy"), "zimnaia voina: propaganda (under "materialy"), "pis'ma" (under "materialy"), "plakaty," "fotografii." The site also has Stalin's collected works, but these may…
Oral history project on the death of Stalin. The project has collected more than 100 witness accounts on what happened on the day of Stalin's death.
Selected works by and about Felix Dzerzhinskii, a Bolshevik revolutionary and official.
Digitized lists of persons who were repressed under Stalin.
Digital archive of the editions of The New York Times from 1851 till today, containing many Soviet-related reports.
Princeton University Library's digitized collections of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian materials. These collections include many rare and unique materials, a selection of which are remotely accessible to interested researchers through the Library’s digital portals. Princeton’s most intensive…
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Documents selected as ancillary material the Editor Projects associated with the Stalin Digital Archive.
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Huge digital archive containing extensive archival documents from all over the world.
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Open-access full-text database of Chinese-language Marxist works, developed by the Marxists Internet Archive. It contains the Chinese translations of Lenin's works and many other Soviet publications. It also has many documents related to Sino-Soviet relations, such as a 21-volume document collection…
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Digitized documents from the personal fond of Stalin from the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History.
This collection of open access sources provides links to primary historical documents that are transcribed, reproduced in facsimile, or translated. The documents cover a broad range of historical events (political, economic, social, and cultural) in each of the 49 European countries, including 10…баннер.jpg
Virtual exhibitions of the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History.
Digital collection of documents on Russian Marxists, Bolshevism, Leon Trotsky, and Soviet power. Here you can find transcripts of Politburo meetings between 1925-1927, a time that saw shifting power relations between Trotsky, Stalin, Kamenev, and Zinoviev; a 1922 article on the creation of the Red…
A site created by the Russian Federal Archival Agency that provides open access to a large number of Soviet archival documents from state and party organs, socio-political organizations, and personal fonds. It also contains two document collections decicated to the Great Patriotic War and the…
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