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Several databases on repressed Soviet technical intelligentsia, prominent figures in the Soviet aviation and aerospace industries, and scholars of Samara, based on archival documents from the Russian State Archive in Samara.
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A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares popular science, documentary, and educational films of the USSR.
Online exhibitions of archival documents on various topics. The "Nakhodki arkhivistov" section is constantly being updated and has a lot of interesting documents on various themes, such as the Great Terror, local cultural celebrities, local education, etc.
Topics include the urban history of Petropavlovsk-kamchatsky, local cultural development, everyday life, etc.
Digital exhibits from the Memorial Museum of Astronautics.
A complex of digital exhibitions and projects based on archival documents from the Vologda Oblast Archive of Contemporary Political History, dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.
Online exhibits of documents from the Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation, covering topics such as Soviet aviation, space programs, science during the Great Patriotic War, history of medicine, Moscow metro, gilding, cosmetics, as well as biographies of Soviet scientists. 5240 op9 d442 l6.jpg
Document exhibition on significant milestones in Soviet and Russian economic life.
A digital exhibit with documents about the development of Soviet space technologies. It contains pamphlets, photographs, and official documents.
Online database that contains numerous digital copies of Soviet periodical publications.
Digital collection of journals and newspapers, mostly published in the Soviet era. Here you can access many important Soviet periodicals freely, such as Ogonek, Literaturnaia gazeta, and Sovetskii Soiuz.
A lot of interesting and informative digital projects based on archival documents from seven major archives of Saint-Petersburg, covering plenty of well-known and less-known topics in Russian and Soviet history.
Digital archive of major Soviet journals. op36 d2277 l107.jpg
Document collection on Soviet economy during the Great Patriotic War.
Digital library of various historical documents developed by the Russian Historical Society.
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