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A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares digitized Soviet books on a variety of topics.
"The Paper Currency & Banknotes database features detailed descriptions and images of over 600 numismatic pieces found in the André Savine Collection. Pieces in the numismatics sub-collection consist primarily of paper currency and other forms of scrip such as banknotes, loan obligations, and…
Digital collection of Soviet scholarship produced during the Great Patriotic War.
Digital editions of the newspaper "Magnitogorskii metall" from 1935 till today.
Digital collection of 20th-century maps of Russia, USSR, and especially the Murmansk region.
Collection of online exhibits on various aspects of economic, cultural, and social life in the Samara oblast, as well as the scientific/technological achievements of the region.
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Digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Karelia, containing many digitized local publications of the Soviet period. It also has a lot of publications and manuscripts in Finnish language.
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Digital library that provides open access to thousands of Soviet academic publications related to science and technology.
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Digital library of the Russian Academy of Sciences that provides open access to extensive digitized academic publications as well as relevant archival documents, museum objects, and photographs.
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The official website of the State Archive of the Altai Krai, which provides free access to numerous digitized archival materials from the archive.
Online database that contains numerous digital copies of Soviet periodical publications.
Digital project that provides open access to digitized academic serials of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences published during 1919-1931.
Digital Library of the Stavropol Krai Lermontov Universal Scientific Library, which contains abundant publications on the region and the Caucasus from the imperial through Soviet times.
Digital library of the National Library of the Chechen Republic, containing books and periodicals published locally during the Soviet times.
Digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Buryatia, containing many digitized local publications of the Soviet period. Notably, it has a lot of publications and manuscripts in Buryat.
Digital library of the N.A. Nekrasov Library, containing tons of digitized pre- and post-1917 publications that can be viewed online.
Digital collections of extensive published and unpublished materials at the Presidential Library of Russia.
Collection of digital open-access published materials from between 1917 and 1991 in the Russian State Library. In the link, the filter "otkrytii dostup" is already selected; if it is not, one should select it in order to view publicly available books.
A multi-media archive of primary source materials designed to introduce students and the general public to the richness and contradictions of Soviet history. It provides a cross-section of Soviet life in seventeen different years, following the title of a beloved television spy serial from the…
A huge digital library dedicated to Marxism around the world.
A Dutch-Russian joint project containing Russian historical statistics from the imperial and Soviet periods.
Website of the Archival Service of Voronezh Oblast. It includes a number of small exhibits on the social, economic, cultural, and political life of the oblast, as well as a commemorative page on the Great Patriotic War.
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