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The UN Archives Geneva platform gives access to the fonds and collections managed by the United Nations Library and Archives in Geneva, including the archives of the United Nations in Geneva, the League of Nations (1919-1946), international peace movements (from 1870), and private papers. The…
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The entirely digitize League of Nations Archives, estimated to contain some 15 million pages of content. The archives include tons of Soviet-related documents on a variety of topics.
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Digital library of the Russian State Military Archive that provides access to several published document collections.
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Digital exhibition of Russian archival documents on Soviet domestic political system and US-Soviet relations.
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Digital archive of tens of thousands of film clips from various Russian/Soviet film studios.
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A digital exhibit of archival documents related to Russian and Soviet diplomacy during the events of 1917. It includes diplomatic correspondence, photographs, and other types of documents.
The collection contains 58 unique audio files that were produced and/or broadcast by RFE/RL’s Russian Service.
Ebook editions of a growing number of volumes from the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series.
Online exhibitions of the Russian State Military Archive.
This is a site linking to multiple digitized collections of resources that include Eastern European/Russian materials. Most of these collections are pan-European, and some of them are cited elsewhere in this guide.
An exhibit about the events leading up to the Great Patriotic War, and specifically about the Munich Agreement that played a large role in the politics of appeasement.
Site about the local history of St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. It provides access to numerous primary source materials (orders, memoir collections, etc.) about important events in the region as well as about the history of Soviet-Finnish relations.
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Huge digital archive containing extensive archival documents from all over the world.
Digital archive of United Nations documents, where one can find many historical files related to the Soviet Union.
Digital collections of extensive published and unpublished materials at the Presidential Library of Russia.баннер.jpg
Virtual exhibitions of the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History.
Images, photographs, and video material on Russia, East and Southeast Europe.
A multi-media archive of primary source materials designed to introduce students and the general public to the richness and contradictions of Soviet history. It provides a cross-section of Soviet life in seventeen different years, following the title of a beloved television spy serial from the…
A huge digital library dedicated to Marxism around the world.
Digital archive that holds plenty of US documents related to the Soviet Union.
Open-access archive of the CIA, containing a large number of declassified CIA reports, leaked Soviet documents, oral history, etc.
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