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Online database of the official texts of legislation of Uzbekistan from 1925 till today.
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Online database of legal acts of Kazakhstan adopted from 1948 till today.
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A significant number of digitized documents from the fonds of the State Archive of Kherson Oblast.
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A collection of digital copies of old books and document collections prepared by the State Archive of Tyumen Oblast.
Online exhibits on the old website of the Agency on Archival Affairs of Astrakhan Oblast.
Online exhibitions of archival documents from the State Archive of the Republic of Tatarstan, covering various topics in local history.
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The digital library of the national library of Tatarstan (different from the National Digital Library of Tatarstan), containing digitized published materials on the history Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan, and on the region's economic, political, cultural and scientific development.
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Publications of the State Archive of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, among which several are downloadable document collections on the Great Patriotic War, the national congress in the region in the 1934, and expeditions to the region in the 1930s.Науково-довідковий апарат/Тематичні переліки/804-03494474-l-a-w-r.651-4-34/804-03494474-l-a-w-r.651-4-34-006.jpg
Digitized finding aids and some documents of the State Archive of Chernihiv Oblast. The digital archive contains a lot of documents, but they are not organized in a clear way. Users may read the finding aids first, and then check out digitized "SPRAVI" to access original documents.
Digital archive of the State Archive of Ternopil Oblast, consisting of a digital reading room for reading finding aids and digitalized documents, and an online exhibition section.
Digital archive of the State Archive of Mykolaiv Oblast that contains digital copies of imperial-era metric books and Soviet-era house books from the 1920s to the 1940s.
Digital collection of civil status registration records of the Luhansk region between 1939-1945, as well as imperial-era metric books.
Online database of biographies of nomenclatural cadres of Party, Komsomol, administrative, financial, and professional organs of Soviet Kazakhstan from 1919-1991 based on archival documents from the Presidential Archive of Kazakhstan.
Digital copies of Pravda Vostoka issues from 1966 till today, presented by the National Library of Uzbekistan.
Digitized issues of Tihookeanskij zvezda, the Soviet-era official organ of the Dal'nevostok Krai from 1925-1950.
Plentiful well-organized online exhibitions with a considerable number of archive documents on various topics.
A digital project digitizing and presenting hundreds of original archival documents and statistical data related to migration and colonization in the Tomsk region from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.
Digital editions of the newspaper "Oparinskaia iskra" from 1941 to 1953.
A site created by Russian enthusiast of Volga German history Alexander Spak containing detailed information on the history of Volga German settlements until 1941, when the mass deportation of Soviet Germans to Siberia and Central Asia began amid the Nazi German invasion of the U.S.S.R., and on the…
Official website of Dinmukhamed Kunaev, one of the most important Kazakh political leaders in the 20th century. On the website you can find his biographic information as well as many relevant documents and photographs.
A website dedicated to the Kumyk people, their history and culture. Some transcriptions of archival documents and historical photographs can be found in different sections of the website.
A digital project with photographs and documents about Crimea and its role as part of the Russian Empire/ USSR.
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Digital library of the Kazan Federal University, containing tens of thousands of digital copies of local periodical issues, books, manuscripts, university publications, and other types of materials. In particular, it has a huge newspaper collection, where you can find digitized local newspapers in…
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Digital archival system of the archives of Lithuania, where you can easily access extensive digitized archival documents and finding aids of Lithuanian state archives.
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Digital archive of documents of the State Security Committee (KGB) of the Latvia SSR, containing extensive documents about the structure, personnel, and operation of the KGB in Latvia.
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Digital library of the Ulyanovsk Oblast Lenin Scientificc Library, containing digital copies of many pre-revolution and Soviet books and periodical issues.
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Digital library of the Perm State Library of Maksim Gorky, containing a lot of interesting publications from the Russian imperial times through the contemporary era. Apart from extensive publications in Russian, the digital library also provides access to publications in the Komi-Permyak language.
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Digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Karelia, containing many digitized local publications of the Soviet period. It also has a lot of publications and manuscripts in Finnish language.
Online database of laws and other types of legal documents adopted in Ukraine from 1983 till 1991.
Digital portal that provides open access to archival documents, books, and periodicals relevant to Aktobe Oblast in Kazakhstan. Here you can find thematic collections of archival documents, Soviet-era local periodical issues, as well as books and various referential materials.
A special collection of the digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Sakha consisting of publications related to different ethnic groups in Yakutia, including scholarly research, periodicals, and published official documents.
Thematic collections of the digital library of the National Library of Yakutia, containing a great number of Soviet publications on local culture, ethnic groups, political institution, socio-economic development, etc.
Digital library of the National Digital Library of the Republic of Adygea, containing hundreds of digital copies of Soviet-era publications on local culture, history, folklore, and development. copy 1.jpeg
Unified search engine for digital resources of three state archives of Ukraine: Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government, Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art, and Central State Archives of Public Organizations. Here you can find access to extensive digital…
Information portal of the National Archives of Estonia, where you can find links to various digital archives, digital libraries, online databases, and digital projects of Estonian archives.
Digitized archival documents from the National Archives of Estonia. Though most documents are from the pre-1940 period, one can still find a lot of Soviet-era documents from this website.
Digital archive of the State Archive of the Vinnytsia Oblast that contains descriptions of the fonds and digital copies of extensive documents from local party and state organs. Notably, the digital archive contains a lot of documents from the local security service.
Digital archive of the State Archive of Volyn Oblast. It contains descriptions of the fonds of the archive, and extensive digital copies of documents related to local administration, the Jewish community, and other topics. Notably, it provides open access to a great number of documents from the…
Digitized copies of documents from the State Archive of Rivne Oblast. Currently, it has a collection of materials on the OUN-UPA that operated on the territory of the Rivne region; a collection of local civil status registration documents from imperial till Soviet times; and a collection of…
Digital archive of the State Archive of Sumy Oblast, containing digital copies of metric books, cards of ostarbeiters and POWs during the Second World War, other wartime documents and personal correspondence, documents from various state organs, and digital findings aids for the documents.
Well-organized online exhibitions with abundant archival documents.
Digital archive of the State Archive of the City of Kyiv. It contains information about the archive's fonds and digital finding aids for archival documents. It also has digital birth records of the city from 1919-1936 and digitized civil status registration documents of Kyiv from 1925-1935. Besides,…
Digital archive of the State Archive of Kyiv Oblast. Currently, it provides open access to more than four thousand digital copies of archival documents from four fonds of the archive.
Digital archive of periodicals of Uzbekistan from the Soviet times till today. Though most digital copies in this archive are contemporary issues, users still can find quite a few digitized Soviet publications, such as Pravda Vostoka, Zvezda Vostoka, Vechernii Tashkent, etc.
Digital library of the Central Scientific Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, containing many digitized Soviet publications, manuscripts in different languages, archival documents, as well as video materials.
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