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A YouTube Channel with plentiful historical video materials about Kazakhstan, specifically about Dinmukhamed Kunaev and the Jambul Region.
Online exhibitions of archival documents from the State Archive of the Republic of Tatarstan, covering various topics in local history.
Princeton University Library's digitized collections of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian materials. These collections include many rare and unique materials, a selection of which are remotely accessible to interested researchers through the Library’s digital portals. Princeton’s most intensive…
Digital library containing books, periodicals, and other types of materials related to Abkhazia.
Digital editions of the newspaper "Magnitogorskii metall" from 1935 till today.
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Several databases on repressed Soviet technical intelligentsia, prominent figures in the Soviet aviation and aerospace industries, and scholars of Samara, based on archival documents from the Russian State Archive in Samara.
Many interesting and well-organized online exhibitions of archival documents from the State Archive of Rivne Oblast.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares photographs of the city Syktyvkar (Komi Republic) of the Soviet era.
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Digital archive containing thousands of digitized files from four fonds of the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lviv, mainly covering topics on local education and church activities.
Ukrainica is a national reference information and documentary resource of archival, handwritten, and printed sources created in Ukraine or other countries about Ukraine, its history, economy, culture, and people. The digital library now provides open access to tons of digitized books and other types…
Digital portal that provides open access to archival documents, books, and periodicals relevant to Aktobe Oblast in Kazakhstan. Here you can find thematic collections of archival documents, Soviet-era local periodical issues, as well as books and various referential materials.
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Digital library of the Kazan Federal University, containing tens of thousands of digital copies of local periodical issues, books, manuscripts, university publications, and other types of materials. In particular, it has a huge newspaper collection, where you can find digitized local newspapers in…
A digital project with photographs and documents about Crimea and its role as part of the Russian Empire/ USSR.
Digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Bashkortostan, containing many digitized local publications of the Soviet period.
Digital library of the National Library of the Chechen Republic, containing books and periodicals published locally during the Soviet times.
Site about the local history of St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. It provides access to numerous primary source materials (orders, memoir collections, etc.) about important events in the region as well as about the history of Soviet-Finnish relations.
Free access publications include "Leninskoe znamia", "Novyi pit", "Znamia truda", and regional versions of "Pravda".Аборкин.jpg
Digital library that contains digital copies of books on the Perm region, many of which were published during the Soviet times. The website also has information on local writers and individuals who contributed to the study of the Perm region.
Full-text database of Tyumen Oblast Scientific Library. There are no thematic collections on the website, but you can use the search function to find a lot of interesting materials, especially extensive periodical issues.
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Digital library of Sakhalin Oblast Universal Scientific library that contains digital copies of many Soviet books on the Sakhalin region.
A site with postcards and photographs from old Samara, including from the early Soviet period.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares Soviet-era documents, TV programs, movies, photographs, and publications about Buryatia.
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Digital library of Irkutsk Oblast State Universal Scientific Molchanov-Sibirskii Library, containing a huge number of digital copies of Soviet books, periodicals, and photographs about the Irkutsk region.
Digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Khakassia, containing many interesting publications in Russian and Khakassian languages: local publications from the Soviet period, materials on Khakassian folklore and local cultural development, etc.
Digital library of Ryazan Oblast Gorgyi Universal Scientific Library, containing hundreds of digitized Soviet books and thousands of digital copies of Soviet-era periodical issues. In particular, it provides access to plenty of official reports from local authorities during the Soviet times.
Digital library of Tver Oblast Gorky Universal Scientific Library, containing digital copies of many Soviet-era local publications, mostly books.
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Digital library of the Ulyanovsk Oblast Lenin Scientificc Library, containing digital copies of many pre-revolution and Soviet books and periodical issues.
A website on the Venev Uezd in Tula Oblast containing local historical sources, including books and newspapers.
Digital library of Sakhalin Oblast Universal Scientific Library. Although it doesn't have a book collection, it provides open access to many Soviet local periodicals, such as Sovetskii Sakhalin and Zvezda.
Digital library with digitized materials from libraries in the Ural region.
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A digital collection consisting of early Soviet periodicals in Tyumen and a book on the history of administrative-territorial delimitation in Tyumen oblast.
Digital library of Lipetsk Oblast Universal Scientific Library, consisting of book collections and periodical collections. Most books are from imperial Russia, but there are also some Soviet publications on the region, especially some statistical reports. The periodical collections have not only…
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The digital library of the national library of Tatarstan (different from the National Digital Library of Tatarstan), containing digitized published materials on the history Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan, and on the region's economic, political, cultural and scientific development.
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Digital library that contains a great number of digital copies of publications on the history, culture, people, traditions, and everyday life of Novosibirsk Oblast and Siberia in general.
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Digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Karelia, containing many digitized local publications of the Soviet period. It also has a lot of publications and manuscripts in Finnish language.
Digital library of the National Library of the Chuvash Republic, containing many local publications in Russian and Chuvash languages during the Soviet times.
Digital collection of publications from/on Oryol Oblast.
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Digital archival information system for the State Archive of Novgorod Oblast and State Archive of Contemporary History of Novgorod Oblast, where users can search for documents and fonds information, and view digital copies of original documents without registration.
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