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Digital collection of published materials on the ethnography and folklore of the Russian North, including the territories of Vologda Oblast, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Republic of Karelia, and Republic of Komi.
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Digital library that contains a great number of digital copies of publications on the history, culture, people, traditions, and everyday life of Novosibirsk Oblast and Siberia in general.
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Digital local study library developed by the Krasnoyarsk State Universal Scientific Library. It contains a lot of Soviet-era local periodicals and books from/about the region.
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Digital library of the National Library of Ukraine named after Yaroslav Wise focusing on Ukrainian cultural heritage. Here users can find publications from different periods on Ukrainian cultural topics.
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Digital library of the Ulyanovsk Oblast Lenin Scientificc Library, containing digital copies of many pre-revolution and Soviet books and periodical issues.
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Digital library of Magadan Oblast Universal Scientific Library. Currently, it has four collections: digitized issues of the journal "На севере дальнем" (from 1955 till today); digitized issues of the newspaper "Советская Колыма" (1936-1954); folklore of indigenous peoples; and works of Aleksandr…
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Digital library of the Udmurt Republic, containing tens of thousands of digital copies of various publications from several local libraries and organizations.
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Digital library of Irkutsk Oblast State Universal Scientific Molchanov-Sibirskii Library, containing a huge number of digital copies of Soviet books, periodicals, and photographs about the Irkutsk region.
Digital library containing books, periodicals, and other types of materials related to Abkhazia.Аборкин.jpg
Digital library that contains digital copies of books on the Perm region, many of which were published during the Soviet times. The website also has information on local writers and individuals who contributed to the study of the Perm region.
A special collection of the digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Sakha consisting of publications related to different ethnic groups in Yakutia, including scholarly research, periodicals, and published official documents.
Digital library of the National Digital Library of the Republic of Adygea, containing hundreds of digital copies of Soviet-era publications on local culture, history, folklore, and development.
Digital library of the National Library of Ukraine named after V. I. Vernadskyi, containing digital copies of extensive old publications on Ukrainian culture and history.
Digital library of Kurgan Oblast Scientific Library, containing digital copies of many pre-revolution and Soviet books and periodical issues.
Digital library of Tomsk Oblast Pushkin Universal Scientific Library, providing access to extensive digital copies of Soviet-era local publications.
Digital collection of publications from/on Oryol Oblast. za 1 god 1923.jpg
Digital library of Orenburg Oblast Universal Scientific Library, containing the digital copies of thousands of local publications.
Full-text databases of Novgorod Oblast Universal Scientific Library, containing more than 200 downloadable Soviet publications from/about Novgorod Oblast.
Digital library of the Belgorod State Universal Scientific Library, containing extensive regional publications, as well as materials from beyond the oblast.
The Digital library of Astrakhan Oblast Scientific Library contains more than 5000 documents and publications on the region's history, culture, peoples, and other aspects of life. It also provides access to digitized issues of Soviet-era regional periodicals.
Digital Library of the Birobidzhan Oblast Universal Scientific Library that contains a lof of interesting books, periodicals, as well as archival documents related to the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. Apart from Soviet-era academic and popular publications on the region, the digital library also…
A section on the local study of Kamchatka on the website of the Kamchatka Krasheninnikov Regional Scientific Library. It provides links to downloadable PDF versions of publications on the ethnic minorities of Kamchatka. Many of these publications are Soviet ethnographic studies.
Digitized books and periodicals from the collections of the Far East State Scientific Library, among which there are numerous Soviet publications on the Far East.
National digital library of Tatarstan, containing more than 11,000 digital copies of various publications, including a great number of Soviet-era books and periodicals.
Digital library of the N.A. Nekrasov Library, containing tons of digitized pre- and post-1917 publications that can be viewed online.
Digital library that contains digital books, periodicals, photographs, videos, and audio materials on the history, people, and culture of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and the city of Birobidzhan.
Free access publications include "Leninskoe znamia", "Novyi pit", "Znamia truda", and regional versions of "Pravda".
Collection of digital editions of imperial Russian and Soviet periodicals.
Digital library with digitized materials from libraries in the Ural region.
Digital library of the Omsk State A. S. Pushkin Scientific Library.
A website on the Venev Uezd in Tula Oblast containing local historical sources, including books and newspapers.
Website of the Archival Service of Voronezh Oblast. It includes a number of small exhibits on the social, economic, cultural, and political life of the oblast, as well as a commemorative page on the Great Patriotic War.
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