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Online exhibits on the old website of the Agency on Archival Affairs of Astrakhan Oblast.
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Collection of imperial Russian and Soviet magazines for children.
Plentiful well-organized online exhibitions with a considerable number of archive documents on various topics.
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Plentiful interesting digital exhibitions and projects based on archival documents from the State Archive of Contemporary History of Novgorod Oblast covering extensive topics.
Online downloadable document collections published by the State Archive of Contemporary History of Stavropol Krai, mostly dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.Р-1095-Оп-1-А-Д-24-Л-17.JPG
A number of exhibits on social and economic life in the Astrakhan oblast, as well as on the participation of individuals and groups within the region in the Great Patriotic War. There is also some material on politics and administration.
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Digital archival system of the archives of Lithuania, where you can easily access extensive digitized archival documents and finding aids of Lithuanian state archives.
Digital collection of journals and newspapers, mostly published in the Soviet era. Here you can access many important Soviet periodicals freely, such as Ogonek, Literaturnaia gazeta, and Sovetskii Soiuz.
Archive of Lithuanian movies from 1930 till today, containing thousands of Soviet Lithuanian productions.
Digital library of the Russian State Library for Children, containing extensive digitized pre- and post-1917 Russian and Soviet printed materials publications for/about children.
Digital library of the Russian State Library for Young Adults. The "Книги XIX—XX вв." section, which contains more than 2200 downloadable e-books on youth problems, would be especially interesting for Soviet historians.
Plentiful interesting exhibitions based on abundant archival materials. Решение РИК об образовании совхоза.jpg
A very helpful and user-friendly digital archive providing access to extensive archival materials from Rostov Oblast. In the "Виртуальный читальный зал" section, users can access finding aids for archival documents as well as some original documents. In the "Вирзуальная библиотека" section, users…
Collection of digital editions of imperial Russian and Soviet periodicals.баннер.jpg
Virtual exhibitions of the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History.
Website of the Archival Service of Voronezh Oblast. It includes a number of small exhibits on the social, economic, cultural, and political life of the oblast, as well as a commemorative page on the Great Patriotic War.
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