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Digital exhibits from the Memorial Museum of Astronautics.
A digital exhibit about the life and work of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, which includes photographs, excerpts from memoirs about him, physical objects, posters and postcards, and official documents.
A digital exhibit with documents about the development of Soviet space technologies. It contains pamphlets, photographs, and official documents.
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Huge digital archive containing extensive archival documents from all over the world.
Digital catalog of the National Archives of the United States. Here you can find open-access records from different US governmental agencies on Soviet issues.
Digital collections of extensive published and unpublished materials at the Presidential Library of Russia.
Digital library of the Omsk State A. S. Pushkin Scientific Library.
Declassified National Security Agency (U.S.A.) documents of the Venona program.
Open-access archive of the CIA, containing a large number of declassified CIA reports, leaked Soviet documents, oral history, etc.
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