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Digitized full collection of Lenin's works in 55 volumes, with alphabetic indicators for titles.
A few digital archival projects developed by various Russian archival institutions.
Online exhibitions of the Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine, based on extensive archival documents.
A large informal website with numerous categories of interest. For instance, of interest are the sections "dokumenty" (under "materialy"), "zimnaia voina: propaganda (under "materialy"), "pis'ma" (under "materialy"), "plakaty," "fotografii." The site also has Stalin's collected works, but these may…
Ukrainica is a national reference information and documentary resource of archival, handwritten, and printed sources created in Ukraine or other countries about Ukraine, its history, economy, culture, and people. The digital library now provides open access to tons of digitized books and other types…
Digital archive that contains abundant digitized documents from different Ukrainian archives from the imperial and Soviet periods. Notably, it has a collection of criminal cases from the KGB archive of Crimea. The website also has several online exhibitions.
A huge digital archive containing extensive documents from different archives in Ukraine, dedicated to Ukrainian national and resistant movements under the Soviet regime.
Official website of the Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine. There are many interesting document exhibitions under the "ВИСТАВКИ" section. In the "Збірники документів" sub-section, you can download PDF versions of many document collections published by the…
Downloadable document collections published by the Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine. Most of these collections are dedicated to Ukrainian People's Republic. Other topics include Holodomor and Reichsleiter Rosenberg Taskforce in Ukraine.
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An exhibit with 100 rare and famous documents on Russian statehood, which includes three categories on the Soviet period.
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