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Online listing of unique archival documents from federal and regional archives of Russia. Each item on the list is a small collection of documents on a certain topic. Currently, the website contains more than 300 items consisting of thousands of pages of digitized archival documents.
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The Telegram channel of a digital project of the same name that shares digitized imperial Russian and Soviet rare books (always on very niche topics), as well as thousands of illustrations and citations from these books.
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The LiveJournal blog of Igor Petrov, an independent historian living in Germany. In this blog he often posts translated archival documents and other types of primary source materials, often translated into Russian from Germen by himself, on various topics in Soviet history. His posts are often…
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A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares digitized Soviet books on a variety of topics.
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Digital project that provides open access to about 1000 digitized Soviet rare books (always on very niche topics), as well as thousands of illustrations and citations from these books.
Digital collections of scientific publications from the second half of the 19th century through the first half of the 20th century from the Republican Scientific-Technical Library of Belarus. The collection is still being worked on, so only a few publications listed there are downloadable.
Digital repository of photographs documenting the development of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as prominent scholars from Novosibirsk.
Digital library of the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, containing digital copies of the university's publications, including academic books and periodicals, as well as more general publications on university history and everyday life.
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The official digital archive of the journal "Nauka i zhizn'", which provides free access to a limited number of digitized Soviet-era issues.
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A digital archive of oral histories on everyday life, science, technology, and the experiences of the technical-intellectual elite in the USSR.
Digital collection of various materials (books, memoirs, samizdat, fictions) on the Soviet Union from an anti-Soviet perspective.
Digital archive of the Ural State Forest Engineering University, containing digital copies of the university's publications from 1922 till today, including academic books and periodicals, mostly about forestry and forest engineering.
Transcript of three interviews with Emil' Ershov, a prominent Soviet economist. The interviews touch upon a series of topics related to the Soviet economy, science, and the relationship between the two.
Digital museum of film strips (диафильм) that contains a lot of Soviet film strips for children on various topics, as well as information about relevant artists and the technologies of film strips.
A digital project digitizing and presenting hundreds of original archival documents and statistical data related to migration and colonization in the Tomsk region from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.
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Topics include the Great Terror and Soviet political repressions in the region, local cultural development, local intellectuals, etc.
Digital collection of Soviet children's books and posters on various themes.
Digital collection of Soviet scholarship produced during the Great Patriotic War.
Historical materials on the history of Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk.
Online exhibitions of archival documents from the State Archive of Kemerovo Oblast. Topics include nationalities, local intellectuals, scientific and cultural development, etc.
Online exhibitions of archival documents from the State Archive of the Volgograd Oblast, covering a variety of topics in Soviet history.
This collection is from a series of collections about the SMAG. This series also includes referential material that explains the structure of SMAG, which is not linked in this guide since it is not a document collection
Digital archive of the Soviet newspaper "Za nauku v Sibiri"
Online exhibition dedicated to the repressed scientists and scholars of the USSR.
Digital archive of documents related to Andrei Ershov, a prominent Soviet academic of information science.
Digital collections of Hoover Institution Library and Archives, containing many Soviet posters, paintings, and English-language audio recordings related to Soviet topics from the 20th century.
A site with archival exhibitions of the State Archive of Bryansk Oblast, including photographs, official documents, etc.
An exhibit devoted to Soviet rocket scientist Boris Chertok and his work on the development of the Soviet space program. It contains mostly documents from the Russian State Archive of Scientific-Technical Documentation.
Digital archive of the Ural Federal University, containing digitized publications of the university. Most of the available Soviet-era publications are on natural sciences and technologies.
A digital exhibit with documents about the development of Soviet space technologies. It contains pamphlets, photographs, and official documents.
Digital repository of the publications of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, containing about 10,000 digital copies of Soviet-era academic and non-academic publications of the university, including the university party buro's official newspaper "Za Kadry".
Database of copyright certificates and patents for inventions issued in the USSR.
Collection of online exhibits on various aspects of economic, cultural, and social life in the Samara oblast, as well as the scientific/technological achievements of the region.
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Digital library created by the Central Scientific Library of V. Karazin Kharkiv National University. It contains digital copies of rare books, manuscripts, and periodicals related to science and education. In particular, it has a big collection of Kharkiv publications.
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Digital library of Sakhalin Oblast Universal Scientific library that contains digital copies of many Soviet books on the Sakhalin region.
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Digital library of Voronezh Oblast Universal Scientific Library, containing a considerable number of digitized books and periodicals. Particularly, it has not only oblast-level but also raion-level periodicals.
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Digitized scientific works, diaries, and personal correspondence of Vladimir Vernadskii, a Russian, Ukrainian and Soviet mineralogist and geochemist, as well as literature on him.
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National Electronic Library of Russia, containing tons of digitized books. maps, musical scores, periodicals, and other types of materials. It can also be used as a unified bibliographic system for identifying and locating published materials in Russia.
Online database that contains numerous digital copies of Soviet periodical publications.
Digital collection of journals and newspapers, mostly published in the Soviet era. Here you can access many important Soviet periodicals freely, such as Ogonek, Literaturnaia gazeta, and Sovetskii Soiuz.
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