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A Telegram channel that shares digitized Soviet textbooks.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares Soviet and post-Soviet post-punk, psychedelia, industrial, noise rock, underground, and other types of niche music.
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A website dedicated to Soviet rock music, where you can search Soviet rock bands, listen to their music, and watch old video recordings.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares rare video and audio recordings of Soviet rock music.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares digitized Soviet textbooks cataloged by grades and disciplines.
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A VK (V Kontakte) group dedicated to Soviet funk, soul, jazz, and disco.
A project of the State Archive of Tver Oblast that collects personal narratives from archival materials on the Great Patriotic War.
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Topics include the history of local coal mining, industrialization, urban development, etc.
Online exhibitions of the State Archive of Arkhangelsk Oblast, covering various topics in the region's history, such as Soviet arctic expeditions.
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Digital archive of the Soviet journal "Iunost'".
A comprehensive database on the Great Patriotic War in Ulyanovsk Oblast, including online exhibitions of archival documents, databases on biographies of war participants, war-time video and radio clips, and downloadable document collections on the subject.
Plentiful interesting digital exhibitions and projects based on archival documents from the State Archive of Contemporary History of Novgorod Oblast covering extensive topics.
Most exhibitions are dedicated to the history of Shadrinsk.
A number of exhibitions on different topics based on abundant archival documents. But the exhibitions are mostly presented in PDF files, which users have to download or view online.
Several online downloadable document collections published by the State Archive of Kuzbass, dedicated to topics such as WWⅡ memory, administrative-territorial division of Kuzbass, local Komsomol organizations, and Soviet-era regional leaders.
Online downloadable document collection dedicated to the Komsomol organizations in Belgorod Oblast throughout the Soviet period.
Topics include the development of the local light industry, women and children, the Great Patriotic War, etc.
Digital collection of Soviet pamphlets on different topics.
Digital collection of Soviet children's books and posters on various themes.виртуальные/trudovoy//2.jpg
Online exhibitions and digitized document collections published by the State Archive of Contemporary History of the Chuvash Republic.
A site collecting Soviet and Russian films. This site links to numerous free sites with Russian/Soviet films that can be watched online, sometimes with subtitles in English and a variety of other global languages.
A site with archival exhibitions of the State Archive of Bryansk Oblast, including photographs, official documents, etc.
A project containing documents, photographs, posters, etc. about the crimes of the Nazis against the civilian population of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War. The collection captures the experiences of a wide variety of individuals who suffered under the Nazi regime, including children, the…
A Princeton University digital library of Soviet children's books from 1918-1938.
Digital repository of the publications of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, containing about 10,000 digital copies of Soviet-era academic and non-academic publications of the university, including the university party buro's official newspaper "Za Kadry".Р-1095-Оп-1-А-Д-24-Л-17.JPG
A number of exhibits on social and economic life in the Astrakhan oblast, as well as on the participation of individuals and groups within the region in the Great Patriotic War. There is also some material on politics and administration.
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Digital archival system of the archives of Lithuania, where you can easily access extensive digitized archival documents and finding aids of Lithuanian state archives.
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An interesting media resource. On the website, you can search for information about films, photographs, and audio materials at Kazakhstan's Central State Archive of Film-Photo Documents and Audio Recording. The digital copies of some photographs and audio recordings are directly accessible from the…
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Digital database of periodical publications of Latvia from the 18th century till today. The database provides open access to plentiful digitized Soviet-era Latvian periodical issues, including those published by Latvian diaspora groups.
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National Electronic Library of Russia, containing tons of digitized books. maps, musical scores, periodicals, and other types of materials. It can also be used as a unified bibliographic system for identifying and locating published materials in Russia.
Digital collection of journals and newspapers, mostly published in the Soviet era. Here you can access many important Soviet periodicals freely, such as Ogonek, Literaturnaia gazeta, and Sovetskii Soiuz.
Archive of Lithuanian movies from 1930 till today, containing thousands of Soviet Lithuanian productions.
Digital library of the Russian State Library for Young Adults. The "Книги XIX—XX вв." section, which contains more than 2200 downloadable e-books on youth problems, would be especially interesting for Soviet historians.
Plentiful interesting exhibitions based on abundant archival materials.
Digital library of various types of published materials from the Moldova SSR.
Digital archive of major Soviet journals.
Digital collections of extensive published and unpublished materials at the Presidential Library of Russia.баннер.jpg
Virtual exhibitions of the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History.
Digital library of various historical documents developed by the Russian Historical Society.
A multi-media archive of primary source materials designed to introduce students and the general public to the richness and contradictions of Soviet history. It provides a cross-section of Soviet life in seventeen different years, following the title of a beloved television spy serial from the…
Website of the Archival Service of Voronezh Oblast. It includes a number of small exhibits on the social, economic, cultural, and political life of the oblast, as well as a commemorative page on the Great Patriotic War.
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