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The digital library of the Institute of Russian Literature of the RAS, providing free access to digital copies of the Institute's publications and other literary studies publications.
Digitized full collection of Lenin's works in 55 volumes, with alphabetic indicators for titles.
An online bibliography of works of Dmitry Likhachev, with links to downloadable PDF copies.
Digital project dedicated to Soviet archaeologist and anthropologist Mikhail Gerasimov. On the website, you can download the digital copies of his major works and browse photos, videos, and documents about the scholar.
Digital library that contains thousands of digital copies of Armenian-language literature from various disciplines. Many materials were published in the Soviet era.
A digital project developed by a team of James Madison College faculty and librarians from MSU on the collapse of the USSR and the early years of statehood of the Soviet successor states. The digitized materials collected for these events include contemporaneous newspaper accounts in Russian and in…
Digital collection of documents and materials about Vladimir Vernadsky, including his publications, personal correspondence, diary entries, memoirs, relevant archival documents, etc.
An extensive collection of publications of the Perm State Archive of socio-political History, among which many are freely downloadable document collections and memoirs on various topics.
Three-volume bibliography of historical documents published in Russia/the USSR over the 20th century, published by Russian Political Encyclopedia Publishers (ROSSPEN).
The 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War documentary exhibit, containing photographs and official documents about the war.
A site with demographic and ethnographic records and maps of both North and South Caucasus.
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Digital local study library developed by the Krasnoyarsk State Universal Scientific Library. It contains a lot of Soviet-era local periodicals and books from/about the region.
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Digital library of rare children's publications that came out between the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century at the National Library of Ukraine for Children.
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Digital collection of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Universal Scientific Library on the history of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, containing extensive books and periodicals from and on the region.
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Digitized scientific works, diaries, and personal correspondence of Vladimir Vernadskii, a Russian, Ukrainian and Soviet mineralogist and geochemist, as well as literature on him.
Digital library containing books, periodicals, and other types of materials related to Abkhazia.Аборкин.jpg
Digital library that contains digital copies of books on the Perm region, many of which were published during the Soviet times. The website also has information on local writers and individuals who contributed to the study of the Perm region.
A database of information about editions of classic Soviet samizdat, 1956-1986. The Database includes approximately 300 titles, representing all known types of samizdat periodical editions from this late Soviet era, including human rights bulletins, poetry anthologies, rock zines, religious and…
A special collection of the digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Sakha consisting of publications related to different ethnic groups in Yakutia, including scholarly research, periodicals, and published official documents.
Digital archive of memoirs, diaries, and personal correspondence on Soviet political repressions from the fonds of the International Memorial. Most of these documents were not published. You can use thematic, geographical, and institutional indicators to search for relevant materials on this…
A branch of the ImWerden digital library focusing on publications of Russian emigrants. Here you can find books and periodicals published by Russian emigrants throughout the 20th century, as well as publications aimed at the Russian diaspora communities around the world. Besides, the website…
Ukrainica is a national reference information and documentary resource of archival, handwritten, and printed sources created in Ukraine or other countries about Ukraine, its history, economy, culture, and people. The digital library now provides open access to tons of digitized books and other types…
Digital archive collectively developed by a series of Ukrainian cultural and academic institutions dedicated to Mykhailo Hrushevsky. The digital archive contains a library section, where you can download digitized copies of works of M. Hrushevsky and studies on him. In the archival section, you can…
This section on the website of the State Public Historical Library of Russia provides links to digital resources on Soviet and Russian periodicals. You can go to the Soviet section and follow the alphabetic indicators to find relevant online resources for the publication you want. The section also…іvna_sprava_kn_1/cover.jpg
Digital library of the Historical Library of Ukraine, containing digital copies of old publications on Ukrainian culture and history.
Digital library of the National Library of Ukraine named after V. I. Vernadskyi, containing digital copies of extensive old publications on Ukrainian culture and history.
Digital library of the Murmansk State Oblast Universal Scientific Library, containing extensive digitized local books, periodicals, and other types of materials.
Digital library of Bryansk Oblast Tyutchev Scientific Universal Library, containing a lot of local publications of the Soviet era.
Digital library of the National Library of the Chechen Republic, containing books and periodicals published locally during the Soviet times.
Digital library of the National Library of the Republic of Bashkortostan, containing many digitized local publications of the Soviet period.
Digital library of the State Public Historical Library of Russia, containing more than 20 thousand digital copies of various publications. Users can use different indicators and the search function to search for publications they want.
Memoirs of Gulag prisoners or their descendants.
Digital library of various historical documents developed by the Russian Historical Society.
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