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Thematic document collection on the Revolution and Civil War in the Altai region.
Memoirs about the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and the city of Birobidzhan.
Digital collection of Nestor Makhn's works, including his memoirs, articles, and studies on him.
This is a site linking to multiple digitized collections of resources that include Eastern European/Russian materials. Most of these collections are pan-European, and some of them are cited elsewhere in this guide.
Website dedicated to Andrei Shingarev, one of the leaders of the Russian Constitutional Democratic party.Р6_1.jpg
Digital project dedicated to the creators of Soviet front-line films during the Second World War. On this web page you can find archival documents, photographs, and video clips about Soviet front-line filmmaking.
Three online available document collections published by the International Memorial on Soviet-era political repressions and ostarbeiters.
A site that contains digital texts of many Russian historiographical works, as well as memoirs and diaries on the Russian Revolution and Civil War.
Digital archive of documents related to Andrei Ershov, a prominent Soviet academic of information science.
A site of digitized rare primary source books on Jewish, including Russian Jewish, history.
Collection of articles, documents, and books related to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's literary career, with download links to his published works.
Annotated bibliography of a number of digitized sources on the Russian Revolution. It links to a number of sites with documents, charts, posters, and photographs (among other resources) about the revolution.
Commemorative site with interviews of veterans of the Great Patriotic War supported by the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication. It also includes soldiers' letters and audio recordings of veterans' narratives.
Memorial site devoted to the victims of Soviet political repression. It is primarily devoted to collecting information about victims, but also includes numerous archival documents and photographs of use to historians.
Site about the local history of St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. It provides access to numerous primary source materials (orders, memoir collections, etc.) about important events in the region as well as about the history of Soviet-Finnish relations.
A site with numerous memoirs of white officers. It also contains a few photographs and images of archival documents on the same theme.
Digitized document collection of war memoirs from the Great Patriotic War. It is a collaboration between the Academy of Military-Historical Sciences and the Council of Veterans of the Fourth Guard Tank Army to preserve the memoirs of the veterans of this army.
Commemorative page for the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War on the official site of the Administration of the Ordzhonikidze Raion. It contains a few resources about the experience of the war by citizens of the district, as well as a few reference sources about the contents of relevant…
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Digitized scientific works, diaries, and personal correspondence of Vladimir Vernadskii, a Russian, Ukrainian and Soviet mineralogist and geochemist, as well as literature on him.
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The André Savine Collection is composed of several large sub-collections documenting the lives of Russian exiles. The most distinguished of these, named by Savine “Militaria,” documents the life of the Russian White Army in Gallipoli and beyond.
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Digital museum presenting thousands of exhibits, archival documents, and photographs on the history of Gulag and Soviet political repression.
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Russian-language memoirs on wars in the 20th century.
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Electronic library of the V. Ia. Shishkov Altai Krai Universal Scientific Library. It contains numerous resources (books, archival documents, maps, etc.) on the local history of Altai Krai, as well as collections of local newspapers.
Digital archive of memoirs, diaries, and personal correspondence on Soviet political repressions from the fonds of the International Memorial. Most of these documents were not published. You can use thematic, geographical, and institutional indicators to search for relevant materials on this…
A huge digital library dedicated to Marxism around the world.
Digital library of the Ushinskii Pedagogical Library, containing digital copies of Soviet-era books and periodicals related to pedagogy and education.
Digital collection of documents on Russian Marxists, Bolshevism, Leon Trotsky, and Soviet power. Here you can find transcripts of Politburo meetings between 1925-1927, a time that saw shifting power relations between Trotsky, Stalin, Kamenev, and Zinoviev; a 1922 article on the creation of the Red…
Digitized memoirs about Lenin.
A site with memoirs and diaries from various historical figures, including many famous or obscure individuals from the Soviet period.
A site with a huge number of diaries and memoirs from the Soviet period from a variety of people, including masses of ordinary citizens, on daily economic, social, cultural, and political life.
A website on the Venev Uezd in Tula Oblast containing local historical sources, including books and newspapers.
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