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The official archive of Sakharov, containing scientific works, journalism, epistolary heritage, documents of social and political activity, memoirs, personal and property documents, as well as materials for evaluating the social activities of A. Sakharov and E. Bonner (discussion materials and…
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An online exhibit of digitized Soviet and Russian newspaper editions from the 1980s through the 1990s that illuminate the transformation of Russian society in that period.
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Digital library of the Russian National Library, providing free access to a large number of digitized pre-revolution and Soviet literature.
A Facebook group where members share clippings from Soviet newspapers and other types of publications. Sometimes group members also share archival documents on various topics.
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The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Here you can find numerous free-access materials produced in or related to the Soviet Union, including tons of English-language files.
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Topics include the Second World War in the Far East, the history of local gold mining, folk culture, Sino-Soviet-Japanese relations in the Far East, etc.
Bulletin of the Opposition (Bolshevik-Leninists) was a Russian-language journal (printed in Cyrillic characters) launched by Leon Trotsky in July 1929 after his expulsion from the USSR. It was the printed organ of the Russian section of the Fourth International and a weapon of Trotsky in his…
Vozrozhdenie was a Russian-language daily newspaper published in Paris, France, founded in 1925. The newspaper was anti-Communist and circulated amongst the Russian diaspora around the world.
A few of digital copies of Vecherniy Tashkent issues of the 1960s and 1970s, presented by the National Library of Uzbekistan.
Digital copies of Pravda Vostoka issues from 1966 till today, presented by the National Library of Uzbekistan.
A few digital copies of books and newspaper issues of Soviet Kazakhstan as well as imperial Turkestan.
Digitized issues of Tihookeanskij zvezda, the Soviet-era official organ of the Dal'nevostok Krai from 1925-1950.
Online exhibitions of archival documents on the history of Volga Germans.
Topics include the Great Terror and Soviet political repressions in the region, local cultural development, local intellectuals, etc.
Topics include astronautics, public health, local urban history, etc.
One of a series of document collections on German atrocities against Soviet civilians during the Second World War.
Online downloadable document collection dedicated to the Komsomol organizations in Belgorod Oblast throughout the Soviet period.
Digital editions of the newspaper "Oparinskaia iskra" from 1941 to 1953.
Digital archive of the newspaper "Sovetskaia kul'tura".
Selections of Russian newspaper clippings on various issues in the early 20th century.Сибирская_жизнь._1917._№219.pdf/page1-675px-Сибирская_жизнь._1917._№219.pdf.jpg
Digital archive of the Russian newspaper "Sibirskaia zhizn'" from 1894 to 1919.
Digital archive of the Soviet newspaper "Za nauku v Sibiri"
Digital newspaper collection of the Saratov State University, containing editions of local official party newspaper.
Digital editions of the newspaper "Magnitogorskii metall" from 1935 till today.
Digitized newspaper editions of the Berlin State Library, including several Russian emigres newspapers, such as Novoe slovo, Naš mir, and Nakanune.
Digital archive of the editions of The New York Times from 1851 till today, containing many Soviet-related reports.
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Digital Japanese newspaper clippings collection developed by the Kobe University Library, providing open-access to articles from various Japanese newspapers published in the 20th century. Many articles are related to Japanese-Soviet-Chinese relations.
The Old Hong Kong Newspapers Collection is a selective collection of major old Hong Kong Newspapers published from early Hong Kong to nowadays, aiming at preserving historical news reporting of Hong Kong for reference and research. Many newspaper articles are related to the Soviet Union. Notably,…
Digital collection of a number of Soviet newspapers.
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