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The Blavatnik Archive is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to preserving and disseminating materials that contribute to the study of 20th-century Jewish and world history, with a special emphasis on World War I, World War II, and Soviet Russia. This digital archive now contains over 113,000 items of…
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The Wende Museum is an art museum and historical archive dedicated to the Cold War. Its online collections consist of artworks, artifacts, documents, films, and historical witness interviews related to the subject.
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The digital archive and library of the Ukrainian Information Service (UIS London), an information bureau established in London during the 1970s as the successor of the Ukrainian Publishers. It contains archival fonds related to the OUN and collections of books, periodicals, and other types of…
Online exhibitions of the Belarusian State Archive of Scientific-Technical Documentation. Most of the exhibitions are dedicated to prominent Soviet Belarusian scientists and architects.
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Topics include evacuations during the Great Patriotic War, local scientific and cultural development, etc.
Photographs of people and objects, posters, postcards, books and periodicals, and other types of materials from the Museum and Preserve "The Battle of Stalingrad".
Digital exhibits from the Museum-Exhibit Union "Manezh".
Digital exhibits from the Bourganov House.
Digital exhibits from the Ilia Glazunov Gallery.
Digital exhibits from the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
Digital exhibits from the State Museum of V. V. Mayakovsky.
Digital exhibits from the State Vladimir Vysotskii Museum.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Gulag History.
Digital exhibits from the A. Solzhenitsyn Museum of Russian Emigration
Digital exhibits from the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.
Digital exhibits from the "Kuskovo" Museum.
Digital exhibits from the Museum-Preserve Tsaritsyno.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Moscow.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Fashion.
Digital exhibits from the Zelenograd Museum.
Digital exhibits from the State Museum of the Defense of Moscow.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Kuz'minki-Liublino.
Digital exhibits from the Aleksandr Shilov Gallery.
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Digital exhibits of the Russian National Museum of Music.
Online exhibit collection of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve.
Thematic document collection on the Revolution and Civil War in the Altai region.
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A digital collection of photographs, posters, political cartoons, art, etc. about Joseph Stalin on the site of the University of Pittsburgh Library System.
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A site devoted to 1980s resistance movements in Eastern Europe and the events leading up to 1989. It contains official documents, American intelligence files, photographs, posters, and other documents.,c_fill,cs_srgb,fl_progressive,q_auto:good,w_1200/MTU3ODc5MDgzMjA4NDg0NTc1/white-sea-baltic-canal.jpg
Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives presents an in-depth look at life in the Gulag through exhibits featuring original documentaries and prisoner voices; an archive filled with documents and images; and teaching and bibliographic resources that encourage further study.
Digital collection of films, writings, photographs, posters, and other materials relating to (and created by) the Soviet filmmaking pioneer and theorist Dziga Vertov (1896–1954).
This digital collection presents visual and textual materials relating to the creative practices and material culture of the religious underground within the archives of the secret police in Central and Eastern Europe. This collection features confiscated photographs, surveillance photographs,…
Online exhibitions of the Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art. Most of the exhibitions are dedicated to prominent Soviet Belarusian writers, poets, artists, and other cultural celebrities.
Digital collection of documents and materials about Vladimir Vernadsky, including his publications, personal correspondence, diary entries, memoirs, relevant archival documents, etc.
Four digital collections of historical materials dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, including one archival document collection, one section on war participants from Sevastopol, one photo collection, and one collection of periodicals published during wartime. There are quite a few interesting…
Online downloadable publications of the State Archive of Contemporary History of Ulyanovsk Oblast, among which several are document collections on different topics of Russian and Soviet history.
Online projects based on archival documents from the Tver Center for Documentation of Contemporary History.
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Digital projects based on archival documents from the State Archive of Penza oblast.
An information portal that contains extensive data on the WWⅡ experience of the Perm region.
Online document exhibition dedicated to the fashion industry in the USSR.Ученые-в-лагерях-2-600x400.jpg
Online exhibitions of the Memorial Museum-Reserve of the History of Political Repressions "Perm-36, mostly dedicated to Soviet political repressions.
A memory project conducted among families from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Perm. In each family extensive interviews were carried out with the oldest relatives, who were able to explain the context of their family archives and relate them to the family history. This represents a unique collection…
Digital collection of exhibits of the Museum of Jewish History in Russia.
Digitized photographs, posters, manuscripts, rare books, and other types of exhibits of the State Central Film Museum of Russia.
A digital exhibit about the life and work of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, which includes photographs, excerpts from memoirs about him, physical objects, posters and postcards, and official documents.
Website devoted to the history of Azerbaijan. It includes numerous documents (orders, congress proceedings, reports, notes, etc.) on the subject, as well as some images of Soviet-era currency.
Online exhibit about Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the website of the Russian Historical Society. It contains documents, photographs, and physical objects about his life and work.
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