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The Wende Museum is an art museum and historical archive dedicated to the Cold War. Its online collections consist of artworks, artifacts, documents, films, and historical witness interviews related to the subject.
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A Telegram channel that shares Soviet psychedelic artwork, including paintings, cartoons, caricatures, posters, etc.
A website dedicated to the history of propaganda around the world in all historical periods. The website contains a section on Soviet propaganda, where many primary source materials are presented.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that promotes communist views and shares various Soviet materials, including printed materials, cinema, painting, and music, that adhere to the community's values. That said, materials shared within this group are not often politically oriented.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares Soviet films, cartoons, TV and radio shows, music, photographs, paintings, and works of literature.
A VK (V Kontakte) group dedicated to Buryat national literature, art, and culture in general. The group shares digitized works of Buryat writers and artists, and their biographic information.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares Soviet-era documents, TV programs, movies, photographs, and publications about Buryatia.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares works of Russian and Soviet avant-garde (paintings, literature, book design, and other forms of art).
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares artwork of socialist realism of the Soviet Union.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares historical agitational materials (mostly Soviet), including advertisements, posters, caricatures, and other types of materials.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares Soviet and contemporary Russian paintings.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares Soviet psychedelic artwork, including paintings, cartoons, caricatures, posters, etc.
A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares clippings from the Soviet satirical magazine, Krokodil.
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A VK (V Kontakte) group that shares Soviet caricatures, clippings from satirIcal magazines of the USSR, and Soviet cartoons.
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The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Here you can find numerous free-access materials produced in or related to the Soviet Union, including tons of English-language files.
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Digital archive of documents related to Isaak Babel, including his works, personal correspondence, official records, biography, and contemporaries' reviews of his works.
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The digital archive and library of the Ukrainian Information Service (UIS London), an information bureau established in London during the 1970s as the successor of the Ukrainian Publishers. It contains archival fonds related to the OUN and collections of books, periodicals, and other types of…
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This digital archive provides access to digitized documents on Lithuanian partisans during 1944-1953, who participated in armed resistance against the Soviet regime.
Online exhibitions of the Belarusian State Archive of Scientific-Technical Documentation. Most of the exhibitions are dedicated to prominent Soviet Belarusian scientists and architects.
Online exhibitions of archival documents on various topics. The "Nakhodki arkhivistov" section is constantly being updated and has a lot of interesting documents on various themes, such as the Great Terror, local cultural celebrities, local education, etc.
This encyclopedia provides the most complete picture of the history and culture of Jews in Eastern Europe from the beginnings of their settlement in the region to the present. It provides access to various historical materials related to Soviet Jews.
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Digital collections from Russia at the New York Public Library, mostly consisting of paintings, maps, and documents from imperial Russia.
Photographs of people and objects, posters, postcards, books and periodicals, and other types of materials from the Museum and Preserve "The Battle of Stalingrad".
Digital exhibits from the Museum-Exhibit Union "Manezh".
Digital exhibits from the Moscow State Vasilii Nesterenko Picture Gallery .
Digital exhibits from the Bourganov House.
Digital exhibits from the Ilia Glazunov Gallery.
Digital exhibits from the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Gulag History.
Digital exhibits from the A. Solzhenitsyn Museum of Russian Emigration
Digital exhibits from the Sergei Andriyaka Watercolor Painting School.
Digital exhibits from the "Kuskovo" Museum.
Digital exhibits from the Museum-Preserve Tsaritsyno.
Digital exhibits from the Museum of Moscow.
Digital exhibits from the State Museum of the Defense of Moscow.
Digital exhibits from the Aleksandr Shilov Gallery.
Online exhibit collection of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve.
A huge digital library of the Library of Congress, containing many files from Russia and the former Soviet Union, including books, periodicals, photographs, paintings, maps, etc.
Official website of Kir Bulychev, a Soviet and Russian sci fi writer. Here one can find a bibliography of Bulychev's works; a set of illustrations to his works can be found under "illiustratsii k proizvedeniiam"; "fotoal'bom" contains photographs of the author; interviews can be found under…
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A digital collection of photographs, posters, political cartoons, art, etc. about Joseph Stalin on the site of the University of Pittsburgh Library System.
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A site devoted to 1980s resistance movements in Eastern Europe and the events leading up to 1989. It contains official documents, American intelligence files, photographs, posters, and other documents.
A collection of British documents on the Cold War and postwar British-Soviet relations.
Online exhibitions of the Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art. Most of the exhibitions are dedicated to prominent Soviet Belarusian writers, poets, artists, and other cultural celebrities.
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Topics include local scientific and cultural development, ethnographic studies in Primorsky Krai, urban development, etc.
Extensive online exhibits and projects based on archival materials from the Perm State Archive of Socio-political History as well as materials from other sources, covering plenty of social, political, economic, and cultural topics.
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